Solar Series - The wildest and most powerful in the galaxy

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There is a spectrum of indefinite possibilities in the universe. Since the solar system was formed from the cloud of dusts around 4.6 billion years ago, the eight largest planets have been orbiting the Sun. Humans may seem pointless in the scale of universe, but our endless curiosity has brought the world infinite cosmic discovery reveals. Inspired by the solar system, the Hong Kong Tourbillon watch brand, Memorigin, has created the Solar Series to capture the eight planets in a watch through refined craftmanship. Users can experience taking control of the galaxy and leave footprints of their remarkable moments in the planetary orbits.


The Sun is symbolized in the tourbillon at 3 o’clock position, attracting the eight planets scattered around.  The repeated rotational movement of the tourbillon represents the Sun generating ample light and heat energies to glow and fulfill all the world's power needs many times over. The specially-made sapphire crystal on the tourbillon surface enables one to appreciate the fine mechanical craftsmanship from multiple side views and to explore the universe with amazing visual effects.


Memorigin has always been detailed-orientated. This time, the eight planets are all made of different high-quality materials to ensure that each planet is presented at its best with high degree of simulation. The design is so meticulous that the colors are chosen based on the color characteristics of the real planets. These planets with various sizes are arranged in order of increasing distance from the Sun. Starting from 4 o’clock position: Mercury (Labradorite), Venus (Nephrite), Earth (GMT dual time-zone indicator), Mars (Obsidian), Jupiter (Tigerite), Saturn (Calcite), Uranus (Amazonyte), Neptune (date indicator). While these planets revolve around in the orbits, the tourbillon design allows users to see through the mechanical movements of the components so that they can observe the subtle changes between the planets.


The crystal-blue dial plate is decorated with emery to present a starry night. The index is made of tritium gas tubes with the latest illumination technology which enables the watch to glow continuously for up to 30 years. The 12 zodiac signs are carved between the indices respectively to brighten up the vast night sky. In order to avoid the movement of the pointer breaking the silence of such beautiful night, the brand has chosen the circular hidden pointers instead of the traditional sword-shape ones. ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Saturn’ lie on the crystal-blue circular pointer to indicate the seconds and minutes, making the design more unified.


The Earth, our home, is the indispensable highlight on the watch. It is designed as the GMT dual time-zone indicator at 6 o’clock position. On the other hand, the day/night indicator is enclosed in the Neptune sphere as a planetary ring as decoration, incorporating the elements of functionality and beauty in the design. The vast universe in captured in a tourbillon with approximately 43mm diameter. It is undoubtedly an art piece.


Memorigin specially uses its in-house winding movement in the Solar Series. It provides 40-hour power reserve with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The brand carved its logo on the tourbillon without affecting its stability, and has successfully differentiated itself in the field by producing marvelous functional tourbillons. It marks a significant milestone in Hong Kong tourbillon history.

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