Memorigin x TeaWood Crossover MTW Tourbillon - Miracle in This Watch

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Hong Kong Tourbillon brand Memorigin cooperated with TeaWood, a Taiwanese leisure restaurant to launch "TeaWood Deluxe", an innovative and chic restaurant which infuses prestigious tourbillon elements into restaurant design and food menu. Obviously, this collaboration was not limited to food. In fact, the General Manager of Tai Hing Catering Group and founder of T-Factory Concept, Tommy, jumped out of the catering industry and puts on his designer hat to come up with this crossover tourbillon design. He integrates the Wood elements of TeaWood into Memorigin tourbillons, represented by Gold. In ancient history, the “five elements” were symbolized by Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Wood, which work together to keep the universe in harmony. Given Woods are naturally carved out by axes made with Metals, it was said that "Metals (Gold) goes in the way of Wood”. Tommy and Memorigin, however, will defeat this saying in joint force.


Assembly of tourbillon requires exquisite craftmanship and precise installation techniques. As one can imagine, the technique required to install natural wood into a tourbillon with diameter of only 45mm is extremely challenging. Memorigin has to thin the wood to a thickness of less than 1mm. The wood can chip once it’s thinned. Besides, there are four small windows on the dial which increases the challenge. During the sampling phase, Memorigin worked with dozens of woods before perfecting the technique. Its in-house factory continued to search for high-density woods and applied different cutting techniques. With nearly two years of repeated experiments, they successfully mastered the technique and officially launched the exquisite "MTW Tourbillon Watch”.


The design of watch applied Memorigin’s renowned skeleton dial, which showcases the precious mechanics in a low-key but exquisite manner. At the 12 o'clock position, the elegant Roman numerical scale was used to complement the tourbillon at 6 o'clock position. Power reserve and day/night display were represented at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions respectively. The "MTW" logo on the day/night display was taken from the abbreviation of "Memorigin x TeaWood". One would notice that the logo “MTW” remains the same even when it’s turned upside down. This resembles the ingenious collaboration of "Memorigin" from the watch industry and "TeaWood" from the catering industry.


The watch is unisex and is available in Dark Brown and White, complimented with matching black or white alligator straps. The tourbillon movement rotates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It runs precisely and accurately with an 80-hour power reserve.


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